• Say hello to Vorsprung. We help to launch, manage and promote your products.

    We combine corporate, start-up and bootstrapping experience to tailor our offering to your needs.

  • As your local partner, Vorsprung can help you take your first steps into Asia.

    No matter if you are visiting for a conference, are planning a business trip or are looking to establish long-term partnerships.

  • We are a small consulting firm dedicated to great digital and physical products.

    We can help in the concept-phase, product-market-fit or program manage whole products.

More About Us

Our Latest Projects.

Our current focus is on early stage start-ups and projects as well as established products targetting a new market and customer base.

Product Consulting.

VORPSRUNG always puts the client and the product first. Success is defined as nothing short of a product’s launch. Therefore, our core service is simple: we do any task that needs doing and learn what we have to in order to succeed. We do not limit our work to predefined services but instead aim to always be where we can be most helpful and deliver the most value and this we do across the areas below.


Understanding the product, the competitive landscape and most importantly the customer has to be priority number one. Through extensive research, industry interviews and analysis VORSPRUNG establishes the foundational understanding necessary for any product to succeed.


Revenue is the ultimate goal of any business endevour. Based on the product, its features and properties, VORSPRUNG can help to establish target markets and market segmentation and assist to optimize pricing, all in order to increases revenue.


In today's world of apps, gadgets and IoT every product that touches the digital needs to be designed and architected to withstand the challenges of 21st century technology. Through vast experience in mobile, broadband, TV and IoT VORSPRUNG can evaluate a product from a wide variety of angles.


Based on any technology evaluation VORPSRUNG can participate in or lead the development of an architecture that is not founded in one, but many different disciplines and serves the wider business goals of the company rather than being technologically beautiful.


While VORPSRUNG is a small core team, our extensive network of experts and contacts enable us to offer development services as well, anything from proof-of-concepts to production ready implementations. Technologies here can vary from node.js, ReactJS and python, to C++, iOS and Android applications.

Business development.

Just as important as product development is business development. VORPSRUNG has helped companies to dramatically increase sales output through the creation of customer centric and audience specific marketing materials, power point presentations and copywriting.

Asia Services.

Asia has become more than manufacturing center of the world. It is a new market, a market full of opportunities, a high affinity for western products and a large number of under served customers. With its strategic location in Taiwan, VORSPRUNG is the ideal partner for your Asia engagement. From 24/7 care when you take your first steps in Taipei or Hong Kong, to supplier and partner scouting, all the way to partner management, the team at VORSPRUNG is here to help.

Opportunity scouting.

No matter if you are looking for a new market, a reseller or a manufacturing partner. Solid research is, if not the most, crucial step in your journey to successful business in Asia. Our team can help you analyse your needs and search for the right partners throughout Asia and provide you with a detailed report on our findings.

Partner engagement.

Once you decided to start working towards a business engagement in Asia, a long road of intercultural communication lies ahead of you. Our local experts can help to manage your engagement with local companies and businesses.

Local presence.

Asia offers many opportunities. But, business success in Asia is determined by the amount of time you spent with your business partners. There are coffee chats, the birthday cards, weddings and local celebration dinners. Events difficult to manage without a local presence. Let VORSPRUNG be that part of your team and the local aspects of your relationship between with your Asian partners.

Taiwan Travel Planning.

Have you decided to visit Taiwan for your business? Coming to Asia can be daunting at first. VORSPRUNG can help to find the right hotels, organise pick-ups, recommend the best tours and ensure you'll get to see the best spots.

Business Event planning.

Post-office meetings are just as important as a solid business plan. But where to go and what to order? What are the customs you should know about? VORSPRUNG's local experts have the answers and are happy to make sure your business is off to a good start. We can organise dinners, banquets or even launch parties. Get in touch for a free 30-minute consulting.

Taiwan Negotiation assistance.

Great! You come to an agreement with a supplier or business partner. VORSPRUNG can help you to close the deal. We can help you during the negotiations with translations and insights as well as working with local lawyers and accountants to ensure you got the deal you agreed on.

Who Are We.

We are a small and dedicated team of professionals from different areas. Our extended team includes product managers, sales experts, local guides, developers and architects. Our gratest asset is our network. Whatever the task, whatever the skill, we know someone who can help.

Our Process.

Simple: Understand the client, understand the product, map out the path to success. We adapt our style of working to the needs of the client. If you want us as part of an existing flow, we will fit it. You want us to setup the process? No problem either.

Our Approach.

Listen. Ask. Identify the problem. - We believe that the biggest challenge in any project is to ask the right questions. Which is exactly why we make this our priority. We might not have all the answers, but we are very good at uncovering the right questions.

Our Goal.

Your success. VORSPRUNG exists to help our clients succeed. We want to have an open, mutually beneficial relationship that is based on trust and long-lasting.

Our Mission.

It is our mission to give our client's the advantage (VORPSRUNG) needed for their products to succeed.

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